Staff agency

We feel as your partner of trust to find IT experts or executives for your key positions. You have one single point of contact who adjust your demands, inform you on regular base over the status quo and advice you in the whole application process and beyond that.

Through our closeness to you and your team, through our knowlegde of your vision, strategies and company/team culture, through our standing experience in IT business and leadership, through our companionship of talents and high potentials during their whole career we find the best for you.

Use our expertise and we present you your top candidate.

We look forward to you and listen to you intently.


Your personal contact


Advisory Cast

Advisory boards and supervisory boards are an important element for successful companies.

They support you in successfully and sustainably implementing your corporate goals in the long term. Through our networks we can find the people who are right for you.

Succession Management

Keep your business competitive in the future.

An early succession strategy will secure the further success of your company. We support you in the search and selection of a suitable entrepreneur.